The Conversational Hypnosis Academy Presents:

Be Trained In The "4 Stage" Conversational Hypnosis Blueprint That Will Allow You To Hypnotise Anyone At Anytime ... All Hidden Inside A Normal Conversation.


The Best Part: You Can Literally Put Anyone Into A DEEP “Coma Like” State While Being Wide Awake.




Dear reader; Imagine this scenario…….

You have a growing interest in helping people and a strong instinct in developing your own internal potential to get more out of life. You then attend our 2 day hypnosis program and leave having grown into a person with a robust instinct, in how to use hypnotic methods, protocol, and clinical maneuvers and have them become a part of your everyday interactions. Where people who are in your presence, leave a totally transformed individual.

All the while, they have no idea what happened, what you said but they remember your interaction for a lifetime.


Imagine this ability for your own personal growth

This is the potential of what you can do with conversational hypnosis and understanding why you think the thoughts you do and act they way you feel.


To develop our hypnotists we must set the foundations of hypnosis with a special blend of interactive skills and therapeutic intervention protocols, that will catapult you to the level of NOT just knowing what to do or say during a formal hypnosis session but...


“How to develop your mindset to one of a powerful hypnotist”


You will know how to elevate yourself, from the MOST common mistakes made as a hypnotist and how to transfer your rare ( hypnotic ) understanding into regular interactions in THE real world.


"This style of Hypnosis is even more effective in a common setting"


Your time with us will exclusively look at: The foundations of hypnotic principles, language based techniques, LIVE demonstration all in an interactive and practical setting ( NO point just telling you what to do). We give you the time to GROW your NEW found talent as you are mentored and directed down the path of mastery.


"Our LIVE demo’s mean that you will"

See HOW your inductions and therapeutic approach will look in a real life setting. You could be in the hot seat with Scott Jansen himself. ( this is a rare treat )


How is this possible? 

View your training like this ... If you wanted to become a world class boxer and take a world title. You would not just learn how to punch… Would you?

You would need to maintain a foundation of various combinations, attacks, defenses and an unbreakable game plan, to know where your opponents weak areas are and exploit them to the point of victory.


"Allowing YOU To Accomplish Twice The Work In Half The Time"


In This Training …You will …

  1. Put people in a DEEP “Coma Like” hypnotic trance with just language
  2. Drastically evolve your mindset to think like a strategic hypnotist
  3. Progress through various clinical, covert and conversational maneuvers
  4. Expand your ability to use language to directly influence the unconscious mind in seconds
  5. Establish the keen sense of a flexible approach to recover from mistakes that are undetectable
  6. Advance your hypnotic competence in language, techniques and hypnotic methods with alarming speed
  7. Memorize the exact conditions to take hypnosis with your everywhere you go ( become a hypnotist )
  8. Grasp a complete understanding of the A-Z hypnotherapy interaction with naturalness and ease
  9. Formulate hypnotic patterns that combine hypnosis and stage hypnosis in the 1 setting

“You Have Been Given Access To The Hidden Power Button Of Hypnotic Persuasion”

Your 2 days with us will be divided up into a blend of interaction, formal learning of the conscious and unconscious mind.

This guarantees that your new found determination to master hypnosis, advance to the peak of top performers in the industry, intellectualize how to hypnotise and be hypnotized can be the ‘ Brick work ‘ of your unconscious development.

This will ensure that your hypnotic know-how will be easily accessible to you with out the strenuous task or memorizing long and arduous methods. Imagine having a robust hypnotic repertoire that meets national standards, and can be utilized to not just hypnotise, but influence and persuade in the REAL world


What will you be taught in your 2-day program?

  • The 4 stage conversational hypnosis blueprint that has been designed by Scott Jansen (world renowned trainer, author, and 18 yr veteran as a Hypnotherapist)
  • 4 powerful ( non-script ) inductions to create coma like trances that can be hidden inside any conversation at any time.
  • How to switch on the rapid accelerator hypnosis creator, that will have you out hypnotising even the most stubborn of minds.
  • The power of Spotting Unconscious Moments for conversational hypnosis secrets never before taught in a live setting
  • How to use therapeutic suggestions to create spontaneous healing trances, so you can start to cure peoples problems on the spot
  • How to directly, and indirectly influence the unconscious mind at will no matter what your client needs.
  • The secrets of hypnotic flow so you can think, act and become a Hypnotist the rest of the industry can only dream of.
  • How to take control of any conversation and have people think, act and feel anything you want them to.
  • The exact conditions needed to hypnotise someone even if they do not believe in hypnosis
  • How to radically deepen a trance without the use of obvious techniques
  • How to create unbreakable unconscious rapport that will connect with everyone you speak too
  • How to have anyone hang off every word you say even in a social setting
  • How to redirect unconscious pressure to produce deep trances everytime ( even if you forget normal trance techniques )
  • And lots MORE

“You Have At Your Finger Tips The Ultimate Guide” …


  • To discover the profound and simple to follow knowledge of not just becoming a good hypnotherapist but a truly great one.
  • To gain the elite format of hypnotherapy that creates conversational change in your subjects even without a formal induction.
  • To understand the simple system that put your clients into a therapeutic trance, every time, and in the exact depth of trance needed to create change in a clients reality
  • To rapidly use hypnotic interview elements that provide emotional leverage for all clients to change in the quickest of time. So you can use overt and covert steps that take you as the therapist to the master level simply and easily
  • To discover the TESTING techniques that will allow your work as a therapist to stick and last a life time
  • To learn how to create the exact set up that must be done before any session that creates therapeutic change in minutes not hours
  • To master how to turn the induction phase into the ONLY part of the therapeutic intervention that you the therapist needs to do and how to instruct clients unconscious to do the rest at alarming speeds.
  • To gain first hand the simple format to internalize language patterns and creating them like second nature so you never have to think of what to say next
  • To be witness to a little unknown secret that will catapult your ability to connect with unbreakable rapport that takes seconds
  • To become a master of controlling a clients attention to direct them into trance processes every time so they fall deeply into trance with no fuss or resistance.
  • To rapidly increase your ability to persuade and enhance your own thinking and be able to see 2-3 moves ahead in every interaction.

“We Have Gone 1 Step Further Than Most Other Certifications Will Go”

Do you realize that …..The practice of hypnosis is no longer overseen by any particular State or Federal Government body, and complaints against hypnotherapists are attended to by individual State Health Departments and Health Rights Commission offices.

( In other words ) There is no hypnosis association in Australia that has any favor, or recognition with, or that is consulted by Government regarding the practice and uses of hypnosis as a clinical therapy.

We wanted our certification to “STAND THE TEST OF TIME”. So if and when the regulation changes ( which it will ) …. ALL not recognized certifications will be obsolete. 

Which is why we have partnered up with the IICT to set the highest standard of training in the country and present you with an internationally recognised certification that you can hang with pride in your office.


Who is your trainer? Scott Jansen

Founder of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy | Creator of Meta Mind Analyses


Scott Jansen formally found hypnosis from buying old VHS tapes of Dr. Milton Erickson from a garage sale, only later to find out that the seller was a personal student of Milton Erickson. These tapes provided a glimpse of the power of conversational and the uniqueness of hypnosis Scott had never witnessed before, and he was instantly hooked.

To only 12 months later ( at age 17 )  seeing his first paying client who opened up a career for Scott, from the success of the session to spreading the word about a 17-year-old kid. Within that following 12 months, Scott was so inundated with clients that he needed to refer them on to other therapists, which created a friendship and professional approach to the industry and other working Hypnotists.

Following the next 18 years. Scott becomes so well requested that his session rate was triple the average Hypnotist, and only acquired bookings from the socially elite, that could afford his prices.

This ranged from International celebrities, singers and entertainers, Australia Idol contestants, NFL and NHL sports stars, Business men and women, and even current and ex-Olympic athletes.

After a flourishing career, Scott’s attention turned to giving back to the industry and opened an Academy to fill in the educational gap of hypnosis trainings, to within 2 years having personally certified close to 3000 students ( 2015 – 2016 ), indirectly trained over 35000 students through home-based courses worldwide, produced over 285 hours of audible content.

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2 Day Conversational Hypnotherapy Program

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"What our raving fans have to say about us"


Sarah Peters – Therapist & Life Coach

“ Mind blowing! the team are amazing and Scott’s approach to hypnosis was phenomenal, I can not wait to continue my training “

Brian Williams - Business coach

I’ve studied NLP and hypnosis before and was restricted to scripts. After I completed one of Scott’s training, I went home and tore up the scripts and have never looked back. My ability to use my new skills as a business coach has doubled my income and for the first time ever i have a waiting list for clients. Thank you Scott !

Marieanne Winspear – Hypnotherapist

I met Scott through a personal hypnosis session, and was so impressed at how quick it was for him to get me into trance just from simple conversation, yet whilst giving me maximum results. What really made me curious about learning hypnosis was his ability to not read a script and just talk! I signed up for Scott’s courses and from Day 1, I was practicing on my niece and sticking her hands to her legs, and helping friends overcome nerves for interviews to within 4 weeks, seeing a steady amount of clients on a weekly basis. Within 9 months, I now have several local Brisbane GP’s placing me on their referral lists for patients as the ‘go to’ person to see. Scott’s methods and techniques are so simple yet highly effective and lasting. His passion and exuberance shines through his coursework. Why waste time and money on courses that don’t give you results or clients? The Conversational Hypnosis Academy shows you the skills and techniques to ensure you success time and time again.

Diedre Evans – Therapist / NLP Coach

Great training from a person with great knowledge….Scott’s training style really delivers! I have attended many of Scott’s trainings and look forward to assisting on the next Certification Course!

Denise Reisley - Hypnotherapist

Remarkable training ! Really enjoyed the weekend and I am looking forward to using all the new tools i have learnt, Thanks Scott !

Dr R. Ashford and colleagues

We had the opportunity to hire Scott for a 2 day workshop on pain control. As a licence doctor i really felt it was necessary to find a new skill set to enhance our practice. Myself and 12 colleagues took part in the training. Scott was professional and exuded excellence. His knowledge and care of the subject went beyond our wildest expectations. We will be hiring Scott in the near future to further progress our knowledge. Flawless execution

Jamie Nelson – Brisbane

10 out of 10 training! So much content, it was incredible. It was so easy to understand i wish i had done it sooner .

Erika Mathews – Brisbane Life Coach

I just loved it. Was an amazing weekend and seminar. I’m so looking forward to the advanced class to master this. thank you Scott and team ! 100 /10 !

Karen Mitchel – Mix
Marketing Group Executive

“Scott’s ability to take what is suppose to work in hypnosis and create such an easy step by step is amazing. Iv been taught by other training courses and spent $1000’s and given a bunch of scripts to read and told that it works with all clients. Only to find out that my client would ask for refunds and id feel like a fool. Scott’s training was my last hope and it did not let me down. As a marketing executive i have implemented a lot of strategies and am booking therapy clients all the time, i love it ! I’m booking in every training i can”

Sharon Glasswell- NLP Trainer

“I have to say Scott on the one occasion we have talked about hypnosis, I followed your advice, (although i wasn’t really sure what you were talking about at the time). I took my pacing frustrated agitated client and used his behavior to produce trance just as you suggested and that’s where the magic happened… Instead of putting him “into a quiet trance” i let him be in his “angry trance” and asked him to come out when we needed to talk about something calmly. It worked like a dream. He was in 2 trances the whole of the session and that day EVERYTHING changed. By the end of the session we were talking about business and how to move to the next level – the problems just disappeared “!

Greg Willis – National Executive

We hired Scott Jansen to work exclusively with our executive officers. His flawless care and ability to help break through the issues my team and our higher level CEO’s were having was incredible. We will continue to use his skills to not only enhance our business but also our ethics and business relationship with clients.

Arnesh Patelle – Managing Director

We attained Scott Jansen to teach our sales team conversational language approaches to increase sales but also to increase the effectiveness of our entire team. We were able to implement what he taught in 3 days across the board. We noticed that our clientele felt more looked after and our sales are still increasing 6 months later.

Renee Christi. – Executive board member

Through various coaches and programs that we offer to our executives and assistant teams we hired Scott for team building and to teach the principles of working with clientele and how to improve our business in an extremely lucrative real estate market. We could not be happier with what was produced during the 7 days we had with him. He collaborated 15 individual ‘ break through ‘ sessions and taught simple effective tools to increase the prosperity of our business across the board. We can not thank him enough. He was sorely missed as he left to start work with our ‘ sister ‘ company.

Isaac Petrovansky

I would like to thank Scott Jansen for an incredible three days of learning. He was a great teacher showing us how to see unconscious moments and the our clients do there own healing I would recommend this Conversational Hypnosis to everyone.

Polina Asmalovskaya - Hypnotist

Wanted to say a quick thank you for the Hypnotherapy training course! It was definitely quite an experience and I have learnt a lot about myself and the way people think. Seeing hand levitate against person’s will, people falling into deep trance and solving their personal problems all in a spin of 2 days – was definitely something I will remember for a long time.

Mardi Corrie – Hypnotist

Scott Jansen has managed to quite clearly confuse me, & when that was achieved, he confused me quite clearly! My synaptic explosions are pulsing to & fro, fro & to where when who. Yes!! Yes they areHe has his fabulous trancey stare completely nailed, & has no need to use it. That’s how mind boggled I remain after 3 rounds in the ring with a man who shines effortlessly, & encourages us all to bask whilst leading the way with a pouring of penchant!
My peers believed me to be bordering before, FYI, prepare to be amazed & confused. Thanking every morsel of your awesomeness Scott.


2 Day Conversational Hypnotherapy Program

YES! I want book my seat for this amazing training

  • I understand I will spend 2 days learning conversational hypnosis in my chosen state ( Brisbane / Melbourne )
  • I understand thats seats are very limited and I must book today
  • I am ready to finally master conversational hypnosis and bve certified by the IICT.
  • Yes I want to recieve 2 Home Study Courses to help enhance my ability as a world class Hypnotist.





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